The Draft Route is now published!

Hi all, the preparations are now starting to fall into place, we've published the Draft Route today on the "Event" page, take a peak, book your annual leave and REGISTER TODAY, start your  fundraising, especially of you want to win the Royal Enfield 350cc motorbike (conditions apply - refer our web site Home Page for details)!

Over the next few days you'll see a lot more updates (e.g. Rider Information Sheet, FAQ's etc.) - watch this space!

A new year and going so very well

Well its less than a year till the start in Perth of P.A.M.S motorcycle ride. All is going great, so many contacts with new people and lots of interest. Ive been away a fair bit doing My promoting of the ride and raising money for Guide Dogs by selling Stubby Holders, Toy stuffed dogs and Stickers etc. At this point  We have raised $1,837.66 so Our goal of $105,000 is so much closer. The family and I  went to the SR500 Rally at Bethanga in Nth. East Victoria, I went to Tasmania for the Jam Pot Rally and also to Mt. Gambier for the Classic Bike Racing over new year. All these places where just fantastic and MONEY raised is shown in Our new total. All the best and don't forget to Register and Pay up NOW to give Yourself the best chance of raising the $1,000 to be a part of P.A.M.S. MC RIDE and to raise even more so that You may win the NEW ROYAL ENFIELD 350 CLASSIC - There can only be one WINNER. Beetle. 

News item 1

news item 1

Hi to All, this is rather exciting, not done My own Web page before. If You have been following on PAMSMCRIDE Facebook You'll be informed on whats happening. For the others here goes. This motorcycle ride is about 3 things actually 1) Raising $105,000 for Guide Dogs Victoria 2) Raising awareness of what Winifred Wells did in 1950 as a Young Lady 3) Raising awareness of the Royal Enfield name and its ability to repeat the ride across Australia. You've heard it all before but to sign up and pay up to ride will help out those who are unable to do the things that a lot of us take for granted. Ill be taking the next words from a letter I received from Guide Dogs Vic. "If You ask anyone who's ever had a Guide Dog, they will tell You straight - the toughest part is WAITING". So please don't wait, do something NOW to help Your fellow man/woman. Join PAMS MC RIDE and lets get a minimum of 3 dogs to deserving people. Wouldn't it be fantastic for us all to see the faces of those deserving people when they receive their own Guide Dog, what a world it will give to them. I tend to dribble a bit so Ill leave it at that for now. If You want to chat to Me personally don't be afraid to pick up the phone - 0458294271. On that note Trish and I will be travelling for several months from the 1st of August, some times We will be out of phone and Internet range, but as soon as We are in range I will respond to messages. All the best Beetle.

                                                                           ps - PAMS (Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney)

Still traveling

Hi to all, if you've been following us on Facebook you'll know that Trish and I are still traveling up north of Australia, we are now in Wyndham WA. It's very hot traveling and camping. Every so often we grab a cabin or such to cool down and do the washing etc. We intend to be back down South in time to be at the SR500 Rally at Bethanga in North East Victoria. Progress on pamsmcride has been moving along with Trish and I promoting it vigorously while away. My thought is to buy a new Royal Enfield 350 classic early in the new year so that I can show off the bike, raise more funds for Guide Dogs and test the ability of the modern version of the bike Winifred rode on her epic journey. Please keep posted or even better sign up to ride across Australia with me and do something great for those that need your help. All the best Beetle.


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