PAMS Ride 2017

Join our ride, entries have been extended to 17th December 2017, and Beetle is still offering his 2 for 1 entry fee deal

For details of Fundraising events along the ride - refer Other Events (in the Event drop down menu)

We’ll be departing Perth, as Winifred did, taking up to 28 days to ride the over 9,000kms to Sydney and return. You can join the ride at any one of the 6 Stages, but choosing to join will mean you’ll be helping to change someone’s life forever. You can ride as many stages as you like.

The ride will take you to some of the most fascinating, beautiful & iconic places in Southern Australia.  You’ll be riding with likeminded people; feeling safe and secure that you are with others and enjoy the comradery that the open spaces create.  You’ll build lifelong relationships whilst travelling and you’ll meet a wide variety of locals who call Australia home.

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Rider Information
Fundraising Tips
Terms and Conditions
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Ride (Stages):
NOTE: The Route is subject to change, further confirmation will be advised at the start of the Ride and again each day (depending on road conditions/events beyond our control)

Stage 1 – Perth to Adelaide (Southern Cross, Kalgoorlie, Fraser Range, Eucla, Fowlers Bay, Streaky Bay, Gladstone)
Stage 2 – Adelaide to Melbourne (Keith, Ballarat)
Stage 3 – Melbourne to Sydney (Albury, Yass)
Stage 4 – Sydney to Melbourne (Cootamundra, Yackandandah, Broadford)
Stage 5 – Melbourne to Murray Bridge (Stawell)
Stage 6 – Murray Bridge – Perth (Port Pirie, Kimba, Penong, Border Village, Madura, Norseman, Hyden, Brookton)
The Route in detail (Draft) - published 16/1/17 - refer the EVENT drop down menu for full details

Facts & Stats:
Departure date Perth: 26 Dec 2017
Return date Perth: 22 January 2018
Journey outline: 9000kms - Perth to Sydney return via Adelaide and Melbourne (P.A.M.S)
Full journey time: up to 28 days
Accommodation and catering: will be your own care (you may even want to bring your own back up crew), we'll have local people set up to sell breakfast & lunch where possible
Benefitting charity: Guide Dogs Victoria
Aim: To raise $105,000 – enough to breed and train 3 Guide Dogs

If we have over 100 registered riders (participating or virtual), the one raising the most funds (participating or virtual (riders/group riders)), over $1000 will WIN a NEW Royal Enfield 350 Motorcycle.

Entry Fee – what do you get for your money:
Your entry fee enables you to join the ride as a registered rider, the spaces will be limited to 100 participating riders per stage (so get in quick), no limit to Virtual (Riders/Group Riders).
a.     Participating Riders $300 for the first stage + an additional $50 per stage thereafter:
Your rider pack will be issued as you join your first stage, it will contain the following:
·         PAMSMC Ride Tshirt, Stubby Holder, Sticker and Material Fundraising Patch (given you’ll have raised over $1000)
·         Confirmed Rider Route & updated Accommodation options
·        Rider information relevant to safety & ability to enjoy the ride
GDV pamphlet
Each day on the ride you’ll receive daily updates on road conditions/changes to route & fundraising status.
b.     Virtual (Riders /Group Riders)- $300:
Your rider pack will be issued prior to ride departure date (26th Dec 2017), it will contain the following:
PAMSMC Ride Tshirt, Stubby Holder, Stickers and your Material Fundraising Patch if you raise over $1000
    Confirmed  Rider Route
·        Spot Tracker details of our Lead rider (Beetle) - you can follow the ride on line
·     GDV pamphlet

Rider Information:

  1. The purpose of the PAMS Ride is to raise funds for Guide Dogs Victoria.
  2. PAMS’s Ride is not a time trial or speed event. PAMS’s Ride participants are expected to conduct themselves within the Traffic and Criminal Regulations and Acts of the various States it passes through. Any penalties incurred by participants or their support crew/s are their own responsibility
  3. All persons participating in PAMS’s Ride will be asked to produce a current motorcycle riders licence and current registration certificates for the machines being used. Any person refusing to produce these documents will be excluded from this Ride
  4. All persons are expected to wear appropriate safety equipment and ride a machine that complies with legislation in their home State. All machines should be in serviceable condition with tyres that will more than complete the Stage/s the rider has nominated to participate in
  5. The Ride will not wait for participants who need to arrange servicing and tyres on-route. Unexpected breakdowns and collisions will be reviewed on a case by case basis. In the event of a breakdown/collision please advise the organiser as soon as possible (contact details will be supplied in your Rider Pack at the start of your nominated Stage).  The organisers recommend all participants have Roadside Assistance coverage. A list of motorcycle shops along the way and their contact details will be published on the web prior to the ride (to enable you to pre-book a service in need)
  6. The organisers recommend all participants have Ambulance cover. Check with your provider to ensure you have National Coverage rather than home State coverage
  7. Riders are advised to have a Telstra compatible mobile phone – nothing else works out there (Telstra SIM’s can be purchased quite readily at the Telstra shops). The ride Leader (Beetle) will have a Spot Tracker running to allow virtual riders and people at home to follow the ride
  8. The start point of the PAMS’s Ride is Perth at 1pm on 26 December 2017. All persons registered to participate in Stage One of the ride will present themselves to the Organisers Registration Table before 12 Noon. Start address to be advised in due course (the organisers are awaiting confirmation of event details)
  9. Rider Kits will be handed out at the start of your first Stage, these can be collected from the Organisers Registration Table at the nominated start point

-          Rider Information Sheet (Route, Accommodations Options, Bike Shops on route, event schedule)

-          Rider Contact Card

-          PAMSMC Ride Stubby Holder

-          2 PAMSMC Ride Round Stickers

-          Guide Dog Victoria pamphlet

-          Fundraiser Patch (once you’ve reach $1000 AUD in fundraising)

-          PAMSMCRIDE Tshirt – size nominated at registration


  1. Riders are advised not to commence riding before sunrise, and further advised to be off the road before sunset. It does not matter how good your headlights are, wildlife comes out of nowhere!  If taking an alternate route, or not stopping with the group at the end of a particular day’s travel, (e.g. stopping off to visit friends) please advise the organisers
  2. All Riders will present themselves each day to the Organisers Registration Table for the Riders Briefing sessions for the coming day
  3. Persons joining the ride at later stages will also present themselves to the Organisers Registration Table for the Riders Briefing sessions for the coming day
  4. At the end of each days riding, there will be a muster to ensure all riders have completed that day’s leg, and arrange recovery if required.  At the end of day’s muster, the following days start time and briefing location will be announced.  Accommodation recommendations for that location will also be advised for those who have not made arrangements
    NOTE: It will be Christmas holidays, so we recommend that you book ASAP to avoid disappointment.  Places such as Fraser Range will be camping only, you’ll need to carry camping gear on your bike (or have your support crew carry)
  5. It will be the responsibility of the individual participants to cover the cost of fuel, repairs, meals, accommodation and incidentals for themselves and any support crew they may choose to bring
  6. Carriage of personal gear (including tents, sleeping bags etc.) will be the responsibility of the participant
  7. At the beginning of any Stage the participant has registered for, that participant will be given his/her Rider Pack which will contain their merchandise ordered on registration and any additional information required
  8. Participants are asked to participate in any social functions that may be arranged on-route and any media opportunities that should occur. Dealing with the media generally, will be the responsibility of the PAMS RIDE Media Liaison officer
  9. Where technology permits, there will be regular updates on the PAMS Facebook page and photographs of participants may be posted
  10. Persons taking medication are advised to ensure they have sufficient for the time away and carry a script for that medication
  11. Participants are advised that the heavy consumption of alcohol the night before riding will have a negative effect on your performance. You may also be over the Blood Alcohol Content without realising which could have legal implications. You are further advised that the consumption of alcohol during the course of the riding day will be considered bad form, and could be grounds for removal from the Ride
  12. Participants found to be using illicit drugs or suspected of using or possessing illicit drugs will be excluded from the Ride
  13. Participants are advised the prevailing weather will be warm to hot and dehydration is a real possibility. All parties are advised to carry at least 2 litres of water and drink regularly. There is plenty of information on staying hydrated, read up on it prior to the ride
  14. Participants can expect to encounter Over Dimensions Loads at various points. If the load is proceeded by one or more escort vehicles, it is likely to be very big. Best advice is to slow down and move off the road if safe and give them plenty of room. If you catch up to an Over Dimensions Load that is being escorted, be guided by the escort as to when it is safe to overtake
    Participants may also encounter Road Trains at various points. A Road Train travelling towards you will displace a large volume of air and you will experience buffeting, be prepared
    When approaching a Road Train from the rear, do not overtake immediately. The rear trailers can wander and cross the centreline. Move to where you can see past the front of the vehicle and where you will be in the driver’s mirror, while hanging back from the last trailer. Usually (no guarantees) the driver will pull the combination straight and give you a flash with his indicators that it is safe to pass. These are long vehicles so make sure you have a long line of sight before committing to overtake
  15. The organisers plan to have all riding completed before darkness each day to reduce the chance of a collision with wildlife. Be aware that wildlife may be encountered at any time so keep a sharp lookout.


To enable you to Participate as a Rider, you need to have raised at least $1000 prior to 26/12/17. Donations will be tracked via. web site - This is how the Prize winner will be determined at end of ride.

For Virtual (Riders/Group Riders), if you raise over $1000, you'll receive a Material Fundraising Patch, this will be mailed to you by end of February 2018 (post the ride), this will also enable you to enter our Competition. If we have over 100 registered riders (participating or virtual (riders/group riders)), the one raising the most funds over $1000 will WIN a NEW Royal Enfield 350cc Motorcycle.

Fundraising Tips:
Don’t set your target too low! You may be surprised by how deep your supporters will dig to help you get across the line to reach your goal. Raise as much as you possibly can for your chosen cause by trying to set an ambitious, but achievable, target.

  • Bunnings sausage sizzle
  • Cook your friend’s dinner and have them donate what it’s worth (you supply dinner, they supply their own drinks)
  • Register & use Facebook to request friends for donations
  • Make sure you contact all your potential supporters in addition to close friends and family, don’t forget to contact any other groups you may have connections with: former colleagues, old school and college friends, friends who have moved out of the area or overseas, members of sporting clubs you belong to, or committees you are part of
  • Don’t be afraid to ask more than once People mean to donate, but sometimes it gets pushed to the bottom of the pile and they forget. It usually takes more than one round of asking to nudge everyone into action, so don’t feel embarrassed about asking people again.
  • Raffle
  • Casual dress day at work/school
  • Book sale
  • Bowling, Golf or another sporting event
  • Wine and Cheese night
  • Cinema Charity night
  • Dog Wash Day
  • Car Wash Day
  • Cake Stall
  • Quiz night
  • Breakfast at the Office
  • Keep Raising Money till the END (fundraising to Win bike closes at end of ride, exact date TBC)

Terms & Conditions:
1. The Lead rider/organiser for PAMSMC Ride (Brian (Beetle) Bayley Tour Leader) ph. 0458294271 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2. An entry Fee of $300 (this will cover your first stage) + $50 for each additional stage (per Bike) is required to register. $300 for Virtual (Riders/Group Riders). Everybody needs to Register on line, make your payment, then you'll be able to log into pamsmcride.com.au to set up your Fundraising Campaign.

3. Should you have to cancel your trip we must receive notice in writing. If this is received more than ninety (90) days prior to departure, 50% of your payment will be refunded. If received with less than ninety (90) days’ notice any refund will be solely at our discretion. In the circumstances, we strongly recommend that you obtain trip cancellation insurance from an insurance company.

Any funds you have already raised to date (there will be no refund), they are the property of GDV.

4. You are responsible for ensuring that you are fit and healthy enough to participate in your tour. We reserve the right to insist on a medical certificate from your doctor stating that you are in a suitable condition.

5. All bikes must be serviced prior to the ride and be in good working order, registered and insured

6. We reserve the right to cancel our prize of a Royal Enfield 350 Motorcycle if the number of registered riders (participating & virtual (Rider/Group Rider)) do not not meet the minimum requirement of 100 riders).

7. The tour leader has the sole discretion to alter the itinerary should it become necessary due to weather, local conditions, politics or various other reasons. No refund will be considered in the event of any such changes.

8. PAMSMC Ride take no responsibility for any flight delays or scheduled changes at any stage throughout the trip. In the event of any such change no refund will be considered. The ride will continue as planned, it will not wait for anyone, but you are most welcome to catch up & join the ride for the Stage/s that you had paid for.

9. PAMSMC Ride is not responsible for participant’s personal effects if they are lost, stolen or destroyed. PAMSMC Ride cannot be held liable for any such loss irrespective of personal items.

10. PAMSMC Ride is not responsible for any accidents. It is agreed and understood that PAMSMC Ride are not the guardians of any customer safety and that they, individually or collectively, cannot be held liable in any way for any occurrence in connection with the Charity Ride which might result in injury, death or other damage to the customer, his property or his family heirs or assigns.

11. All riders must be free of alcohol and mind altering drugs whilst riding

12. All riders must comply with local traffic laws and practice safe group travel as described by the tour leader. Failure to abide by these rules will see you cancelled from the ride.

Acceptance of Trips Terms and Conditions:

I understand that I will be required to sign a Release and Waiver Form before I can participate in a PAMSMC Ride. I have read and accepted the terms of conditions of PAMSMC Ride. I am aware that motorcycling can be dangerous. I am aware that traffic conditions, roads, weather and other conditions as well as the actions of other members of the trip can influence the risks. I agree to accept those risks.

I am an experienced responsible and healthy motorcyclist with a valid motorcycle drivers licence. As a passenger, I am aware of the potential dangers of motorcycling.

I further agree and understand that the organisers of PAMSMC Ride, including Tour Leader (Brian (Beetle) Bayley) are not the guardians of my safety. They, individually or collectively, cannot be held liable in any way for any occurrence in connection with the operation of my participation in the trip which might result in injury, death or other damage to me, my property or my family heirs or assigns.

Booking and Payment of accommodation will be your own care. We'll endeavour to obtain discounts for you where possible.
Refer drop down menu for "Accommodations Options"

 Events along the way: (to be updated once all agreements are in place)

The group will attend a number of Fundraising Events at Bike shops, Parks, Pubs and other venues along the route.

Bike Support:

We will endeavour to obtain a number of support businesses along the trip, these will be added below as they come on line.